Professional Carpet Cleaner or DIY? Have You Made This Mistake?

Have you tried to save money on steam cleaning your carpets or rugs only to find out that you end up losing money? It’s a simple maths. You go and hire a domestic (consumer) grade carpet cleaning machine from your local grocers. It is a small piece of equipment that looks like you just purchased it from the supermarket. This is when the first doubts about how successfully this tiny carpet extractor can remove spots and stains from your expensive wool floor covering.

You are not wrong. It’s got no chance really. If you think about it, this little bugger has 1 vacuum motor, a weak low psi pump (to jet the solution into the carpet fibres) and to top it off the supplied chemicals (detergents) are consumer grade too, meaning they are not very effective. Oops.

The result you are highly likely to get is:

  • wet carpet
  • still existing stains/spots/marks
  • dust/mites and bacteria not completely extracted
  • awkward smell

Trust me, I have done similar mistakes in other aspects of my house and the savings do not outweigh the inconvenience, poor results and in more extreme cases – damaged property.

The wise choice is to always hire a professional to do the work that you are not familiar with.